Our Work

Integrating the Eastern and Western approaches to medicine

Cancer affects almost every single person in the USA. We would like to make the situation better. The Eastern traditions in medicine have proven results that, when combined with Western expertise in medicine, can produce powerful healing and save lives.

We provide therapeutic massage, acupuncture, yoga and other complementary treatments—all proven to be effective in reducing pain, relieving stress and allowing patients to heal comfortably with decreased side-effects from chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. When the East meets the West to heal cancer, the sum is greater than the parts.


The ancient wisdom of acupuncture can create relief from pain and nausea, and increase recovery.

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Therapeutic massage

The caring touch from a massage therapist can reduce stress, relieve anxiety and speed healing and recovery.

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Yoga exercise has been scientifically proven to increase overall wellness, increase healing and decrease stress and anxiety.

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We use traditional Reiki work to bring about relief.

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Grateful Patient September 2017

“After my Angie’s Spa massage treatments, it was like a weight had been lifted. You don’t realize how badly you need a massage until you get one. I wanted to take a nap; it was so relaxing. From the atmosphere of the MediSpa to the people, to the treatment itself, it’s all very relaxing and welcoming.” -J.H., patient at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD

Grateful Patient August 2017

“Joya, massage therapist, is wonderful. Kind, empathetic and highly qualified. What a wonderful surprise for my first day of chemotherapy.”-R.K.

Grateful Patient July 2017

“I am a cancer patient at the Leavey Cancer Center who recently went through radiation treatment. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Angie’s Spa for providing services that are so incredibly helpful for somebody going through cancer treatment. It was so nice to focus on something therapeutic and calming during a period of tremendous anxiety.”

-Karen Stein, Northridge Hospital Medical Center (Northridge, CA)

Grateful Patient June 2017

“I have had six acupuncture treatments and have found a big difference in the pain. I started with pain at 10 in my arms, legs and feet and I now am down to a 2 in arms and feet. Acupuncture has made my life so much better. Hoping to continue with the treatments for the rest of the pain. I have a much better life thanks to the Angie’s Spa grant!” – Mary F, Patient at UMASS HealthAlliance