We’ve provided life-changing relief to cancer patients over 50,000 times. 

Every hospital in the world needs integrative medical treatments combined with Western medicine for the most effective healing and relief.

Study after study is now confirming integrative medical treatments have a powerful effect on how cancer patients respond to traditional Western medicine. Treatments such as acupuncture provide proven pain and stress-relief while massage therapy soothes and relaxes patients undergoing chemotherapy or surgery. These methods are needed for every cancer patient in the world so their suffering can be greatly reduced.  Angie’s Spa grant funding is crucial for these cancer patients. Even with all the evidence supporting these benefical  treatments, they are still NOT covered by insurance.

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Meet Angie

Angie’s Spa has been named in memory of Angie Levy, who tragically lost her life to metastatic breast cancer in November, 2007 at the young age of 36. Diagnosed at age 27, Angie spent the next 9 years trying to live a normal life while waging the long battle for remission and a cure. During that time she was able to graduate from Wharton School of Business, further her career at the banking firm JP Morgan as well as being active in a number of meaningful charities.

It was Angie’s upbeat attitude and love for life’s small indulgences that inspired the idea of Angie’s Spa. We know Angie would have loved the idea of doing something so beneficial and special for a patient undergoing cancer treatment.

Angie’s team

Our dedicated team has been increasing awareness of the benefits and healing powers of integrative therapy treatments like massage for 10 years.

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Helping cancer patients heal all over America

Currently, Angie’s Spa Cancer Foundation funds 9 hospital programs in 8 states around the USA.

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100% of donations go directly to our programs

We strive to provide as many free integrative therapy treatments to cancer patients as possible. That is why our staff is all volunteer, which allows your donations to go straight to those in need.

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Grateful Patient September 2017

“After my Angie’s Spa massage treatments, it was like a weight had been lifted. You don’t realize how badly you need a massage until you get one. I wanted to take a nap; it was so relaxing. From the atmosphere of the MediSpa to the people, to the treatment itself, it’s all very relaxing and welcoming.” -J.H., patient at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD

Grateful Patient August 2017

“Joya, massage therapist, is wonderful. Kind, empathetic and highly qualified. What a wonderful surprise for my first day of chemotherapy.”-R.K.

Grateful Patient July 2017

“I am a cancer patient at the Leavey Cancer Center who recently went through radiation treatment. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Angie’s Spa for providing services that are so incredibly helpful for somebody going through cancer treatment. It was so nice to focus on something therapeutic and calming during a period of tremendous anxiety.”

-Karen Stein, Northridge Hospital Medical Center (Northridge, CA)

Grateful Patient June 2017

“I have had six acupuncture treatments and have found a big difference in the pain. I started with pain at 10 in my arms, legs and feet and I now am down to a 2 in arms and feet. Acupuncture has made my life so much better. Hoping to continue with the treatments for the rest of the pain. I have a much better life thanks to the Angie’s Spa grant!” – Mary F, Patient at UMASS HealthAlliance