Meet Team Angie

For 10 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide the life-changing aid of integrative therapy treatments to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. All of our team members have been touched by cancer—some as cancer survivors themselves and others as friends or relatives of cancer patients. Not only this, but all of them are non-paid volunteers. This allows Angie’s Spa to make sure that 100% of the proceeds go directly to treatments for cancer patients. And, not surprisingly, our team members happen to be our leading donors.

Kathleen Conner

President & Co-founder

Kathleen runs our home office in Brooklyn, NY. She handles all phone calls and donations received. She is also responsible for our Annual Appeal, the “Donate Your Age” Campaign, as well as other fundraising events throughout the year. Kathleen works hand-in-hand with Executive Director Nancy Berry to provide the best possible service to our patients and donors. Kathleen can be reached by clicking here.

Nancy Benson Berry

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Nancy manages the grants. With Kathleen’s help she writes and issues the Requests for Proposal and interim/final reports. Also, she is in communication with all the grants on an ongoing basis and visits each one at least once a year. In addition, Nancy keeps the database updated. Contact Nancy by clicking here.

Randy Berry

Treasurer & Data Manager

As the treasurer, data manager and bookkeeper, Randy has several responsibilities, including entering all donations, sending out acknowledgements, keeping track of (and approving) all expenses, issuing quarterly financial reports to the Board of Directors and paying all of the government registration and compliance fees. Contact Randy by clicking here.

Ronna Levy

Angie’s Mom

Joanna Klein

Co-Founder Angie’s Spa, Senior VP Lifetime TV

Julie Silver

College friend of Angie, Chief Financial Officer of FIJI Water, JUSTIN Winery & Landmark Vineyards.

Tyra Sidberry

Non-profit consultant specializing in change management and  strategic development

Matt Donohoe

Philanthropist, former Wall Street Broker

Advisory Board

Tracy Reichman Kalik, Partner, Heideman, Nudelman, Kalik PC

Robert B. Klein, M.D., Urology Physician, Northridge Hospital

Deborah Davis Perlstein, Owner, Pure Barre Atlanta-Dunwoody

Laura Toner, M.D., Pediatrician, Urban Health Plan Inc

”I can’t believe I’m sitting here getting chemo and feeling so good.”

-J.W. Lynn Cancer Institute

BRRH (Boca Raton, FL)

“ The massage therapist provided a back/neck/spine massage due to my posture, tension in shoulders, and pain between my shoulders. During the treatment she listened to her soul/intuition and provided relief that carried over to my soul&heart and left me with a smile, less stress, and NO PAIN between my shoulders. As a cancer warrior this lifted my spirit and I’m grateful for the opportunity Angie’s Spa provided me outside my Western medical treatment. I feel like a person who has cancer, not a cancer patient who is a person. Thank you.”

-J. Turner, Husband and Cancer Patient Hartford Hospital (Hartford,CT)


” This morning I experienced my first massage-wow! The tension is gone from my neck, shoulders and I feel warmth and rejuvenation. What a wonderful and restorative part of medical treatments. Thank you my back is still smiling,”

-P. Turner, Wife and Caregiver Hartford Hospital (Hartford, CT)


“I am very grateful for the massage therapy provided at Northridge Hospital’s Leavey Cancer Center. My cancer treatment procedure requires that I extend my left arm over my head and extend that position for extended periods of time. A long ago shoulder injury makes it painful for me to do this, but I know that relief is just around the corner from the caring and capable massage therapist always available after my procedure. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that for me, this service has been invaluable. Thank you to massage therapists Fernando, Jassenia, and Kendra for easing my pain and Angie’s Spa for making it all possible. “

-M.S. cancer patient Northridge Medical Center (Northridge, CA)

“The massage therapists are so committed and compassionate. They create a warm atmosphere. When patients come they are scared, but the massage therapists make us feel better.”

-R.P. Cancer patient Lynn Cancer Institute, Boca Raton Regional Hospital (Boca Raton, FL)

“Angie’s Spa has been a WONDERFUL experience in my recovery from breast cancer. The staff and doctors are very caring. I would highly recommend to anyone recovering from any cancer illness who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

-M.P. Cancer Patient Hartford Hospital (Hartford, CT)

“I am a lung cancer patient at Fitchburg Cancer Center(MA), my radiation treatment started on April 10, 2018. I could no longer swallow my own saliva. I could no longer eat or drink anything. My doctor at Dana Farber suggested a feeding tube be placed in me for the remainder of my radiation.

After 2 treatments of acupuncture within 48 hours my PAIN WAS GONE. I could swallow again and my pain went from 10+ to 0. This was my LIFE SAVER. I have now had 20 radiation treatments on my neck and throat PAIN FREE because of acupuncture. Thank you Acupuncture.”

-S. Lung cancer patient at Fitchburg Cancer Center (Fitchburg, MA)

“ My wife, Virginia, was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in August of 2014. The oncologist admitted Virginia the following week to Hartford Hospital(Hartford, CT) for intense chemotherapy treatments that lasted several months. Our nurse navigator, Barbara, was a Godsend and was sure to educate us as to the process and resources available to cancer patients at Hartford. One such resource was Angie’s Spa, a non-profit that works with their partner hospitals to provide free massage and other therapies to patients undergoing cancer care treatments. Barbara helped arrange for a massage session and that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship with her therapist. I would often call to check on her and was told she would have to call me back as she was getting a massage. Angie’s Spa introduced us to the benefit of this type of therapy. My wife once commented that it was “better than morphine.” Sadly, my V succumbed to her disease but she had a request as she was receiving hospice care in our home. “Do you think the massage therapist could make a house call?” Of course she did, not on Angie’s Spa dime, but we would have never met her  without the folks at Angie’s Spa. A few days before she passed I asked her if there was any particular cause that she wanted to name for donations. I think you know the answer.”

Bill Murphy

“After my Angie’s Spa massage treatments, it was like a weight had been lifted. You don’t realize how badly you need a massage until you get one. I wanted to take a nap; it was so relaxing. From the atmosphere of the MediSpa to the people, to the treatment itself, it’s all very relaxing and welcoming.” -J.H., patient at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD

“Joya, massage therapist, is wonderful. Kind, empathetic and highly qualified. What a wonderful surprise for my first day of chemotherapy.”-R.K.

“I am a cancer patient at the Leavey Cancer Center who recently went through radiation treatment. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Angie’s Spa for providing services that are so incredibly helpful for somebody going through cancer treatment. It was so nice to focus on something therapeutic and calming during a period of tremendous anxiety.”

-Karen Stein, Northridge Hospital Medical Center (Northridge, CA)