What is Angie’s Spa?

Founded in 2008 in memory of Angie Levy, a lovely woman who lost her life to breast cancer, Angie’s Spa is a 501(c)(3) charitable, cancer foundation that funds grants to cancer centers nationwide. These grants are awarded to provide free therapeutic services (acupuncture, massages) to men, women and children undergoing treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, invasive surgery) for all types of cancer. The services are designed to alleviate painful side effects and stress, enhance traditional treatments and give patients a self-esteem boost.

Where do my donations go?

All donations to Angie’s Spa help pay for the services of professionally trained therapists who have received the specialized oncology training required to work with cancer patients.

How is the Angie’s Spa staff compensated?

The management staff and Board members all serve in unpaid positions so that all the money donated can go to treat the cancer patients. 100% of dollars raised for Angie’s Spa go directly to compensating the therapists who care for the patients.

Where is Angie’s Spa?

Angie’s Spa is not a real spa with a specific location. Angie’s Spa is a funder of in-hospital programs that are selected each year by its Board of Directors. As of September 20, 2018, Angie’s Spa is funding 10 hospital programs. Many of these hospitals are community-based, thus providing therapeutic spa services to deserving, yet under-served populations. Look at our programs for more information.